The Life of Reporting


(Photo: An interview with Bobby Gruenewald, founder & developer of YouVersion Bible App)

Everyone might say that being a reporter is an easy profession. That being seen on TV each day people mistakenly perceived glamour on this job. But being in the media world is a hard profession. This job is always followed by great responsibility. There are these huge challenges ahead of you, that will test your patience, passion, and even your faith. But you can survive all these challenges if you know where you are and the track that you’re taking.

You might shaking hands with millionaires today and talking to high level government officials and tomorrow you will be interviewing poor informal settlers living under the bridge that can’t sustain their daily living. Being a reporter will surely give you an idea of the world, the system where we live, and on how all these things in our society affects all of us. More than the adrenaline rush, pressure, stress and fun. These made this job exciting and worth pursuing.


(Photo: Coverage at Tacloban City, few days after Super Typhoon Yolanda devastated the whole region)

Reporting is far different from showbiz. We are not the star here, it is our story. The story that will inform the public and help them make informed decisions. Story of the real lives of Filipinos; stories that will empower every Juan dela Cruz; and stories that will make a change on the system.

Every coverage is a day for learning. Learning doesn’t stop in the four corners of the room. Learn to take advices from other people, especially those from seniors. You might fail today, but you can still stand tomorrow. There’s always a room for improvement.

Everywhere and everyone has a story to tell, a story of regrets; story of downfall; stories of tragedies; stories of being apart from the family; and a story of success. As a reporter it’s up to you on how you’ll present the story on a very interesting way. But remember to treat it in a proper manner. It should always be factual and accurate. Don’t distort the story, don’t add additives on it. Each story has it’s own additives that will surely touch the heart of everyone. At the end of the day, truthfulness and accuracy of a story is the measurement of its finest.

As a TV reporter and Producer for nearly two years, I’ve meet several people, from rich to poor; from President to simple tindero and basurero. I heard different stories, that touched my heart. I witnessed how important this job is, the job of informing the public. But this was changed as I meet different kinds of people. They are not just asking us for information, sometimes they are asking for help, comfort and someone they can trust. Hence, this job is not plainly about gathering and disseminating news and information, but also helping other people uplift their lives.

Sequence 01.Still001

(Photo: Stand-upper during the flood in Marikina brought by Typhoon Mario)

This job tells me to go out, mingle with other people; listen to their stories and tell to the whole world their grievances. This job pushed me to go out of my comfort zone, and be a participative citizen of this nation. To be a catalyst of change.

But as always, danger follows us media men. They say that this is job is the most dangerous job ever, as made by spate of journalist killings in our country. I admit that there’s always a time that I felt nervous and afraid on what will happen every time I’m doing a story. But I always tell my self to overcome my fear, because over that fear is the great responsibility to serve. Millions of Filipinos are waiting to be inform on the events of the day. There can no other option but to deliver the story.

Every time I worries and I think that I can’t do the story, I always lift it up to the Lord. Ask for knowledge and wisdom, and for his guidance. And it is the Lord that gives me the idea on how to write and present the story.

Most people consider each of our story as their bases of decision makings, as a Bible of truth. So it is on our hands lies the great responsiblity of building the story truthfully and delivers it to the public accurately. Pressure is always there, but overcoming pressure is one of the characteristics of a good media man. For me, getting praises from my boss and other people about the story I’ve made is the best compensation ever.

More than the pressure of making the story in line with your deadline, there are still these best things about being a reporter. That building deep friendship with your news crew; that feeling of pride and satisfaction that I survived that day; that feeling of being child wondering on different places I’ve been to; that feeling of excitement with every new experiences; that sense of pride for my parents who worked hard for me and helped me to be in the place where I’m right now; and that sense of thankfulness and gratitude to the Lord for helping me everytime and for giving me the knowledge and wisdom I need.


(Photo: Accepting the 2013 KBP Golden Dove Award for DZJV 1458)


(Photo: Accepting the 2013 Anak TV Seal Award for Adyenda)

I pray for the Lord’s continous favor to be upon me and our team, the ZOE News and Public Affairs. May be there be more new stories that we can deliver to the public.

To those who are planning to be in the media world, see to it that you have the heart for this job. Consider this not just merely a profession but rather a passion. Never set apart your work from the Lord, because it is the Lord who give us all we need.



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